Spring Renewal

Miletary It's started to feel like SPRING!!! I love winter, but Spring just revives my spirit. Everywhere you look there is new life. This year I am especially excited for the vibrancy of the season.

I experienced a rough winter. Not because of snow or ice, but because my health was in shambles. I have struggled with an autoimmune disorder since my Sophomore year of college. Although, I was only diagnosed until recently. Doctor's say it's a general AI disorder, however it mimics Celiac Disease. My small intestine is the usual target. I will right a post of that in the near future.

One of the complications from the AI disorder is anxiety. I have avoided a large part of the things I find enjoyable over the years because of it. However, over the past two years, I felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to start to live again. I mean really live. I prayed and told God, I will do whatever He wants, but I really needed help with what seemed like insurmountable anxiety.

I launched on a path of healing. I needed to be healed spiritually, physically, and mentally. There have been many ups and downs, and overall the trend has been positive. However, this winter I had a set back. Some days my body literally felt like it wouldn't move, no matter how many times I tried to get up. My weight fluctuated and I felt so...BLAH(no other way to describe the feeling). I have to avoid wheat, grains, red meats, and have to use portion control when eating.

The past 2 weeks have been amazing! I feel like so many of the sacrifices are finally working. I am looking forward to all the new life experiences to come!