Adventures of Natural Hair (Salon Experience)


I have been natural (No chemical relaxers) for 5 years. In that time I have kept my hair at the same length, but it has always been very dense (a lot of strands of hair). However, since I have struggled with an autoimmune disorder my hair has suffered. I'm talking knots, tangles, shedding, breakage, and an overall lack luster.

All of this led me to a decision to cut my hair. I have spent the past 2 months watching YouTube and scouring Instagram for the perfect inspiration style. Here are a few that I absolutely loved.

Click the image for additional photos.

IMG_20150313_103336  Screenshot_2015-04-17-10-14-45Screenshot_2015-04-17-10-21-58Screenshot_2015-02-28-11-11-38

Gorgeous Huh?!?

Well I soon realized my hair was not in a place for these styles to work for me.  However, that did NOT derail my desire for a major change in the look of my hair.

Confession: I had shears in hand this morning and was about to give myself a second big chop. I thought that might be just a tad bit hasty, so I had to call on some professional help.

Enter the Calvary! Kristy Hyde, Owner of East McBee Salon.


 Tiffany and I were so excited! As you can see, I'm rocking my favorite style (pin up). Ummm...I think we can all agree there is absolutely NO STYLE to my hair! Once it gets to this point, I always cut it! The maintenance of long natural hair is equivalent to a full-time job. Throw in my daughter's hair and the time required triples!

Speaking of Tiffany...Here is her super cute twist out:

PicMonkey Collagekid

Alright, back to me. I sat down with Kristy for a consultation which was detailed and concise.  I was still of the mindset that my hair was beyond repair and needed to be chopped off. But Kristy informed me that such a drastic cut wasn't necessary, unless I wanted it.  She told me I had beautiful hair and she would give me the cut I asked for, but she requested that I allow her to work her gifting and then decide.

So we proceeded to the shampoo station. I can't pass up the opportunity to express how wonderful this shampoo was for me. I could have fallen asleep. It was more like a scalp massage vs. normal shampoo. Next came the blow out and flat iron.

PicMonkey Collage

As you can tell in the first photo I did suffer quite a bit of breakage. A fairly aggressive trim was necessary, which didn't matter to me.  My goal is now to have healthy have over long hair.

Kristy went back through my hair, trimming layers throughout.  I told her it was just too flat for me.  She agreed and gave me some amazing curls!

PicMonkey Collage2

Look at the shine and luster! My tresses felt silky and healthy!


I appreciate everything this beautiful lady did for me today!  She is multi-cultural stylist, meaning she knows about ALL hair! I scheduled my appointment through her website and received a prompt confirmation. Check her out here:

Kristy Hyde, Owner of East McBee Salon