How to Thrift Shop (For Beginner's)

If you follow me on my social media platforms then you already know I love to thrift shop. I am asked all of the time, How can you find such cute items? My answer is always the same. It doesn't matter where you buy your clothes or how much you spend on them. Your style is determined by you. Your fashion should always be a direct expression of your mood, lifestyle, and/or personality. Here are 4 tips that are essential for a successful thrift shop experience.

1. Gather Inspiration Pictures

Pinterest is your best find when thrift shopping. Simply create a style board and fill it with images of outfits. Don't be afraid. Pin outfits that are outrageous, conservative, patterned, colorful, trendy, retro, and/or bold.  The goal isn't to recreate the inspiration outfits exactly.  You will look for SIMILAR colors, structures, and patterns.
This step will allow you to search for items in a targeted manner.  You will avoid being overwhelmed by the many racks of clothing.
Need a few Pins? You can follow my Pinterest board: Sherrica's Style.



(This is a Michael Kors denim dress. I picked it up for $6.25 at Goodwill. Shoes are Steve Madden, also from Goodwill for $6.50)


2. Look for deals!

Most thrift stores have special deals.  They are usually associated with tag color.  Each week a particular color tag will be at a discount or for $1.  Each thrift store is different and you must be aware of the individual schedules. Sales may offer steeper discounts on certain days.
Why is this important?  Buying according to the sale schedule will help you maximize your dollar. I spent a total of $5 for the shirt and skirt in the photo below. The skirt was regular price at $4.  however this vintage shirt was $1 because it had a color tag associated with the discount.

(My outfit for my husband's office Christmas party. There is no way you could tell this came from a thrift store.)


3. Use the fitting rooms!

I can't count the amount of times someone has sneered their nose when I offer this advice.  However, this tip should be used when shopping in department and retail stores.   Wear leggings and a cami. This makes it easy to try on clothes without having them touch your skin before you have a chance to launder them. I've been able to try on skirts in the aisles using this method.
The goal is to ensure proper fit BEFORE you purchase.  Return policies vary from store to store. I have found that it's most beneficial not to bring home items that you can't wear.  I have purchased items that were not my size and gifted them.  I just hate to pass on a great deal.


4. Take pictures!

I try to take a picture of every outfit I wear. Thifted or not, I like to post inspiration pictures for others via Instagram: @SherricaSims and @Thrift_Chic.



(What I wore to a concert. Every item in this outfit was picked up at a thrift store.)


(Thrifting allows my closet to have limitless possibilities.)

Thrifting is a family affair!!!


(My kiddos. I mix retail items with thrifted pieces.)


(My husband rocking his thrifted shirt and jeans.)


(I thrifted everyone's outfits for our Valentine's Day photo shoot.)