Late night/Early morning confessions

While parenting, I have moments of recognition of the way my interactions mirror my relationship with God. I was awakened at 2am by a scream of frustration followed by crying. I ran into our daughter's room as she cried about having an accident in her bed. I immediately felt compassion for her, reassuring her that it was ok.

She was so disappointed in herself and feared that she  might face punishment. I told her that I love her and I would never punish her for this genuine accident.

My love for her didn't diminish simply because she didn't make it in time. God's love for us, in that same way, covers us without diminishing. He wants us to learn that our failures, disappointments, and mistakes come as no surprise to Him.  However, they allow us to experience His compassion and wisdom.  Trusting that His love bridges any of our deficiencies.