NYC Curls Product Review

 NYC Curls Product Review

NYC Curls Product Review

I received 3 products; The Curl Cleanser, The Curl Conditioner, and The Curl Gel. Additional pump tops were included in the packaging; allowing for much easier product distribution


When trying a product for the first time, I tend to follow the manufacturer instructions verbatim. I proceeded in using the NYC Curls line as they instructed.


I was overjoyed when these products arrived on my scheduled wash day. I was actually able to use them on myself and my daughter. However, washing our hair on the same night might not have been such great idea.


I began with The Curl Cleanser.   The first thing I noticed was the smell…Amazing! It has a pleasant earthy floral scent. The cleanser is extremely creamy and thick. It cleaned our hair strands but the scalp wasn't as clean as I would have liked. I made sure to clarify before using it again, because our hair is extremely dense. The second time the results were better.


I applied The Curl Conditioner in small sections and proceeded to detangle. I immediately noticed the ease in which my hair detangled. I detangled my entire head of hair in 25 minutes. The same goes for my daughter. I detangled her hair in 40 minutes. That is a HUGE plus in my opinion. I'm use to spending hours on that process. I enjoyed the fragrance; however, it is definitely the boldest of the 3 products.


I decided to follow the directions on the bottle and leave in a small amount in my hair. I completely rinsed it out of my daughter’s hair. I followed up with The Curl Gel. I placed my hair in two strand twists with a bit of The Curl Conditioner still in my hair. I lightly blow dried my daughter’s hair and styled her hair in bantu knots.


My daughter’s bantu knots were amazing! No flaking or crunchiness. Her curls were full of body and shine. While taking down my twists, I noticed a bit of flaking in the front of my hair. I think it was solely due to over application of product in that particular section of hair. 

Bantu Knot Out with NYC Curls Products

Twist Out using NYC Curls

Overall I would recommend The NYC Curls products. I have had great success using The Curl Conditioner as a curl refresher with water and a light oil.



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