On A Journey

For 2 years I have prayed the same prayer:

"Father, I will go where You lead me. I allow the Holy Spirit to order my steps as I embark on a journey to fulfill my purpose. My life is not my own; it is my sacrifice to You. Please use me as Your perfect will requires."

It seems simple; however, in reality a prayer of submission is incredibly difficult to walk out. Submission requires you walk a path that isn't clearly marked and it's littered with obstacles. I knew 2 years ago that I would need to be prepared to leave my "hiding place."   My boundaries had to be enlarged. I knew in my heart that I would be ok, but the questions of HOW, WHEN, WHERE, and WHO loomed and swirled over and over in my mind.  

When you submit to God, as I have, be prepared for an internal struggle. Your natural inclinations will conflict with what the Spirit leads.  I began to hear the Lord tell me; to live again, others need to hear your voice, and don't be afraid. I made a choice to trust His guidance and follow EVERY leading of the Spirit.  God never disappoints. 

During these two years my entire family has experienced a turn around. I began blogging, my husband has received two promotions, our children are happy and healthy. Several of our friends that have prayed similar prayers have seen tremendous increase as well. I have received many messages from strangers, letting me know how watching our YouTube videos have helped them overcome depression, poor decisions in dating, and to become better parents. 

We don't know the depth of our impact on the world around us. There have been days when we felt as if our prayers were in vain, however God never lost sight of us. He is the master architect of this world. His design is perfect; even though we are not. 

This journey of submission has led us to Discovery Family Channel and a new show called Babies Behaving Badly. The air date is Friday, September 11, 2015 at 8:30pm.  I am so grateful to God for all the things He has done. I don't know how this fits into His plan, but we say Thank you Jesus for the things which are to come. 


Pray this prayer for daily and expect God to honor your sacrifice. 

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