My Daughter Is Watching

Last week I had an amazing opportunity to sing a duet.  While watching the playback with my family, Tiffany, my 4 year old daughter says she wants to be a rock start just like mommy. I was floored, but didn't harp on it.  

However, she didn't let it go. For the past few days all she talked about was how she wants to be just like mommy. So I took this opportunity to affirm her ability to reach any goal she so desires.

Tulle Skirt and Acid Wash
Tulle Skirt and Acid Wash

(The outfit I wore, which she wanted to emulate.)

I decided to help drive home my words by giving her own fashion photo shoot.

Tiffany and I went to the thrift store and found this tulle skirt for $4. (It was a dance skirt, but it served its purpose.) Her chambray shirt was thrifted last year for $1. I found her shoes and headband at The Children's Place on clearance. I allowed her to wear my necklace to complete her "Rock Star" look.

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  It didn't take much, but she was overjoyed.

 Mother's don't pass on these opportunities to show your daughter's who they are. Dreams are only as far away as you believe them to be.