Drawing Boundaries

In an effort to organize and consolidate my life, I have decided it's time to draw boundaries. 



During the past year my family and I have experienced a multitude of blessings; opportunities that have opened many doors and formed great relationships.  Since we have decided to continue to share portions of our life with the world, by way of vlogging, a few problems have developed. Most of which have affected me, because I manage most of that content. 

I naturally have an outgoing and extroverted personality. That portion of me thrives in the social media and YouTube arenas.  However, I have a counter balance also. I am an introvert.  

I know that seems strange and unlikely, but it's true.  I can be the life of the party, but when I'm done I shut down.  I love to smile, but I can't force one.  I like people, but not too many at once. 

I have figured out at the age of 33, it's okay to live as both an extrovert and an introvert.  It is this truth that requires a redrawing of the boundaries that will protect me and my well being as a wife, mother, and budding entrepreneur. 

My pastor Ron Carpenter has a saying...

...And this is where I have struggled. The extrovert in me wants to share EVERYTHING, but the introvert in me shudders at the thought. I am determined to be authentic in ALL of my endeavors, while taking care to protect the moments that I hold dear.

Step 1: I have created a Facebook page. I will share my blog posts, inspirational thoughts, and encouraging videos there. My personal Facebook page will be for "real life" relationships. Please join me there and on Instagram! 


Let's chat! Name a few boundaries that you have found beneficial.