Stress-Free School Lunch Tips


August is here and that means two major events are right around the corner, football season and SCHOOL STARTS!  I am excited for both, but I am extremely hesitant to send our daughter off to K4 this year, because she suffers from a severe peanut and tree nut allergy. In order to reduce the likelihood of her coming into contact with  "No-No" foods, I have decided to pack lunchboxes for both kids. (Can't leave Miles out)


Here are 3 "Must's" to Save Time & Your Sanity!!!:


This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's often not a priority for parents. Ruth, from LivingWellSpendingLess, has a great post for meal prepping school lunches on Sunday. Organization will be your best friend. Mornings will inherently be stressful, the last your household will need is one more thing to worry over.  

Include the kids

Seriously if they have to eat it, why not allow them to have some input?  I scoured the amazing world of Pinterest and found a pin for a Magnetic Lunch Chart.  Martha Stewart and her team provide templates for the chart and the food labels. I was able to customize my labels for foods I want my kiddos to have. They will have a blast planning their own meals. What an awesome way to ensure the lunch is actually eaten. 


I hate those dry, preservative-filled, lack of nutritional value, pre-packaged lunch meals. It is essential to my husband and I that the kids eat as healthy as possible, even while at school.  This goes back to planning. During my planned shopping trips I purchase organic and local(if possible) fruits and veggies. I suggest using the deli in your local grocery store for deli meats and cheeses. They are often far fresher and contain less "No-No" ingredients than the other stuff.  This is also cost effective! I will buy several different types of meats and cheeses at different weights to make our dollar go farther.   


This school year will be amazingly successful, for kids and parents.  No matter your schedule, it's possible to prepare healthy, money saving, and tasty lunches for school.

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