Letting Go...

I know we aren't the first parents to experience it, but the first day of school was extremely difficult for us to process.  Stanley and I realized Tuesday was our last "first day of school" experience with a child of our own.  Tiffany is now in school alongside Miles.  We have provided a shelter for our children since they were gifted to us.  So it was quite difficult for us to walk our babies into the school building, leaving them in the care of relative strangers.  This moment held great spiritual context also.  We are gifted, by God, little souls to mold and shape into honorable individuals; that have unique purposes in life.  Allowing them to move into grow into divine spirits that will light pathways for others is a part of parenthood.  We thank God for our gifts.  We thank God for the opportunity to be voices that speak over them.  We thank God for the love the have cultivated in us. 

So as we proceed in this new stage of life, there is excitement in our hearts.  Our children are meant to show others what true joy looks like.  Now they have a school full of people to share it with throughout the day. 


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