On Trend With A Twist!

IMG_0428 Who says you can't wear vibrant colors in winter? I decided to shed the muted colors and break out the hot pink!

You may not know this, but I love to shop at thrift stores! I am kinda addicted. No...I am totally addicted! You can follow my thrifting adventures on Facebook on my Thrift Chic page!


HeIMG_0431re are the outfit details! I found this Wilson's Leather jacket for $15! I almost didn't get it because someone had stitched their high school letter on the back. However, this nice older lady convinced me that I should just take out the stitching and it would be good as new. Before I could question her logic, she took the jacket out of my hands and removed the stitching right there in the store! Guess what? She was right, there was no damage to the leather and it looked brand new!

The skirt!!! You will never believe it, but this skirt is from OLD NAVY!!! I know!! I found it at a overstock resale store for only $5!!! It's too big now, but I can't seem to let it go. So I belted it.


This shirt is Ann Taylor LOFT and I picked it up at Goodwill for $4.50! Belt is by unknown, but I only paid $2 for it! My bag is by: Red by Marc Ecko Dusk Till Dawn Hobo. It retails for $69, but I paid $3!! My boots are Bellini and only cost $7!  My necklace is from an online boutique: Bling Queen Bee Boutique,check them out for the best deals!!

After I posted this outfit on my social media, I saw my favorite artists (Erica Campbell) wearing a very similar outfit a few days later. Which only confirmed that I was on trend, but with a twist!!!



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