Wear It Well.

Most outfits that I wear are vintage with a modern flare. However, some take on a life of their own. 

The outfit below was a quick change last year. We were headed to church, my husband and kids were waiting for me in the car. I just hated the outfit I had on and decided to quickly pull something together. 

I grabbed the skirt, which was gifted to me by a friend.  Pulled on a blazer over my vintage shirt. Wrapped a belt around my waist and rushed out the door. 

Thinking nothing of else about what I was wearing, I walked into church. As eyes fell upon me I saw smiles come across the faces of strangers. Several onlookers pointed and conversed seemingly about me. Puzzled I walked ahead. I was immediately stopped by a rather aggressive, but loving, usher. She grasped my shoulders and looked directly into my eyes. "This is what I love about you. Your style is unique, classy, and sophisticated. You wear it well." Then she nearly hugged the life out me. 

As I proceeded to my seat, I continued to notice gazes falling upon me. This was a strange phenomenon, because our church is relatively large with 2,000-4,000 people attending regularly, no one notices me.

Upon returning home I had my then 5 year old son snap this photo of me. I didn't see it that morning. However, it became apparent to me after I looked at this photo.

I'd found my style.  Some call it vintage, Victorian, classic, or retro.

I call it Vintage Allure. Join me and many others in a Facebook group dedicated to all things glamorously vintage.  Vintage American Doll Outfit


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